The Diabetes Guide

Important Information Regarding Diabetes In Senior Citizens That You Need To Know About


We all know for a fact that our body are obtaining glucose whenever we intake food every time we eat. Aside from that, the glucose that is present in our body is also being supplied by the liver and muscles. What happens with the glucose in our body is that it is being transported to the cells all over our body.


On the other hand, there goes the insulin, a chemical hormone that is considered as vital and essential in helping the cells of the body to take in glucose. In addition to that, insulin is also known for being made out by the beta cells found in the pancreas which is then being released into the bloodstream.


If it so happen that the body suddenly were not able to produce enough insulin or if it does not work in the same way that it is made to work, this is now the time when glucose will no longer have access to enter the cells in the body.


This will cause the glucose to stay in the blood causing the increase in the level of blood glucose in the body. And this phenomenon where the blood glucose meters of the body increases is what we call as pre-diabetes or diabetes.


When we say pre-diabetes, it is actually a term that best describes the increase in the blood glucose present in the body which happens to be much higher than the average although, still not high enough to be diagnosed as diabetes.


But then again, it is very important for you to know that even though pre-diabetes is still not considered as diabetes per se, however, having this kind of diagnoses still results from having an increase in the level of glucose present in the blood which increases the risk of developing the type two diabetes and also heart diseases and stroke as well.


If you happen to have pre-diabetes diagnosis, there is no need for you to worry about that as there are now so many ways to reduce the risk of getting the type two diabetes. In this present day and time, lots of basic exercises will certainly make a difference for your condition.


 All you need to do is to make sure that you are doing moderate physical activity and is eating a healthy and balanced diet, not to mention the need for you to accompany this with a modest weight loss regimen so that you will be able to prevent the type two diabetes from befalling onto you. In addition to that, blood sugar test also helps people with such a diagnosis to return the normal blood glucose level in their body.